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Emanuele Santanché
Leadership coach for technology
Taming the complexity beast
Taming the complexity beast

Complexity made old leadership practices obsolete long ago.

The times when to give orders was enough to get results are gone.  

Many companies, startups and corporations alike, see their projects fail because of many problems.

Some of them are:

  • wrong practices
  • bad developers
  • misplaced expectations
  • unchecked pressure
  • disrupting deadlines
  • misconceptions about motivation
  • bad time management
  • bad recruitment practices
  • lack of creativity

It's the use of obsolete leadership practices that originate these problems.

Edwards Deming's System of Profound Knowledge is the starting point where to go to learn how to tame the complexity beast.

It's based on four pillars. Two of them are knowledge and psychology.

I have a deep knowledge of the processes that govern intellectual work.

I can help you design a system based on Deming's principles and profiting from my knowledge.

My long studies of psychology will make the system better.

You will see less of the above problems occur and more of your projects succeed.


Photo by Lysander Yuen on Unsplash

Emanuele Santanché
Leadership coach for technology