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Emanuele Santanché
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Tackling management by fear
Tackling management by fear

Management by fear is that way to organise our activities that comes from the assumption that fear will exhort people to produce more and better results.

It's pervasive in many workplaces and it can be very damaging.  

Many managers think it's unavoidable and that it really produces results. Actually, the assumption it stems from is false and a lot can be done to mitigate the harm it causes.

Edwards Deming's Key Principle n. 8 says: "Drive out fear."

It's not that we want to care about employees' well-being.

This is good and noble, but we are more interested in results and fear jeopardizes them.

It makes any intellectual activity more difficult. It reduces performance, quality and flexibility.

I studied more than 100 books about psychology, I'm qualified to talk about fear.

We can tackle together many types of fear: fear of failure, fear of competition, distrust, obsession with perfection, terror of mistakes, and many more.

With my help, you can learn to manage your own activities and your employees' ones in a fear-less fashion.

You can replace fear with trust.

You get more motivation, better quality, sharp problem solving and increased chances of success. Not to mention a better quality of life.


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Emanuele Santanché
Leadership coach for technology