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Get my free course ʻThe Secrets of Managementʼ

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Why secrets? What is secret about management? Nothing, everything is out there to be learned.

But most companies ignore these secrets or refuse to adopt them.

This is good news for you. If you make an effort to understand these secrets, you can use them to your advantage.

In the meantime, your competitors will be stuck using obsolete management practices.

The secrets are:

  • Definition of management
  • Task splitting doesn’t work
  • Change doesn’t happen overnight
  • Cargo cults
  • Ceremonies
  • Diversity is useless if people can’t speak up
  • Estimates don’t reduce uncertainty
  • Experience is not enough
  • Fear improves nothing
  • Management by goals is obsolete
  • Management can happen without managers
  • Management is not about control, it’s about results
  • Micromanagement kills motivation
  • Money doesn’t motivate
  • Motivation matters
  • Old notions of accountability don’t make any sense any more
  • Pathological company cultures make success less likely
  • Persuasion is bad for results
  • Pressure makes things worse
  • Psychological tests, when hiring, make your company a hive of clones
  • Psychology matters
  • Quality motivates
  • Schools manage teaching and do it very badly
  • Behaviouralism is wrong
  • System thinking
  • To punish employees who make mistakes is superstition
  • Trust saves you money and time
  • Stress is one of the best predictors of failure
  • To punish people who bring bad news doesn't make problems vanish
  • You cannot motivate people, you can only demotivate them
  • Annual performance reviews are obsolete

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Emanuele Santanché
Leadership coach for technology